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Colors Theory and History


Whether you are an art lover, designer, or beginner, this course contents have a complete solution. Set off on a journey to a vivid and colourful destination. This course is worth choosing for learning colour schemes and their best use in the field. Indeed, clear understanding and skills boost the chances of success. Led by industry experts and curated with meticulous care, we offer an interactive learning experience that will ignite your creativity.



Who Can Take This Course?

  • Artists and Creatives
  • Designers and Visual Communicators
  • Marketing and Branding Professionals
  • Fashion and Interior Designers
  • Art and History Lovers

Colours Theory and History Course Objectives

  • The Fundamentals of Colour: The journey begins with the principles of colour theory, uncovering the intricacies of the colour wheel, achieving colour harmony, and understanding the profound psychology of colour.
  • Historical Perspectives: Trace the captivating narrative of colour throughout history, unearthing its cultural significance. You will get surprised to find its evolution across different periods and civilizations, from ancient times to modern art movements that continue to inspire us today.
  • Colour Mixing and Application: Master the art of colour mixing and create balanced palettes that breathe life into your creations. Learn about colour schemes, tints, shades, and tones. Acquire practical techniques for applying colour in your artwork, design projects, and visual communication, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.
  • Colour in Design: Unlock the secrets of using colour to its full potential in branding, marketing, and visual communication. Learn how to evoke emotions and convey powerful messages.

Future Prospects:

Upon completing this course, exciting job opportunities await. Industries that highly value colour expertise and creativity include:

  • Advertising Agencies
  • Design Studios
  • Fashion Brands
  • Interior Design Industries
  • Marketing and Branding Agencies



Highlights of the course:

  • Semester System One-to-One dealing
  • In Lab on hand Practice
  • Assignments for Home

Course Description:

Welcome to a world where art and beauty meet to unlock the secrets of colour. Our expert instructors will guide you through engaging video lessons, hands-on exercises, and case studies that breathe life into the world of colour.

Interactive discussions and practical demonstrations will elevate your learning, providing you with a deep understanding of the principles governing colour and empowering you to harness its full potential in your creative endeavors. From deciphering the complexities of the colour wheel to investigating the tremendous influence colour has on human perception, you’ll gain the knowledge and abilities required to take your artistic expression and design projects to new heights.


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