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Adobe After Effects


Prepare to venture into an extraordinary world of visual effects and motion graphics that will leave your audience in awe. Our groundbreaking Adobe After Effects Course is tailor-made to enable you to create mind-bending visuals that defy imagination. Develop the skills and knowledge to craft jaw-dropping designs, animate typography with flair, and conjure up awe-inspiring visual effects across various media platforms.



Who Can Take This Course?

  • Beginners
  • Filmmakers And Video Editors
  • Graphic Designers And Animators
  • Advertising And Marketing Professionals
  • Motion Graphics Artists
  • VFX Artists
  • Web Designers And Developers
  • Content Creators And Social Media Influencers
  • Education Professionals

Adobe After Effects Course Objectives:

Tools and Interface Enchantment: Embark on a thrilling journey through the magical realm of Adobe After Effects as you familiarize yourself with the tools and interface that make dreams come true.

Animation Sorcery and Motion Graphics Mastery: Become a master of animation wizardry, conjuring mesmerizing key frame techniques, seamless transitions, and motion graphics that teleport viewers to wondrous dimensions.

Visual Effects Witchcraft and Compositing Wizardry: Step into the realm of visual effects sorcery, wielding the power to manipulate reality with green screen keying, breathtaking particle simulations, and advanced compositing techniques.

Typography Alchemy and Title Animation Wizardry: Discover the art of typography alchemy and breathe life into your titles, crafting visually stunning kinetic text sequences that enchant and captivate the senses.

Advanced Techniques and Expressive Enchantments: Unveil the secrets of advanced techniques, from time remapping spells to bewitching motion tracking, and enchant your animations with expressions that bring them to life.

Future Prospects:

After completing an Adobe After Effects course, students can explore opportunities in various industries, including:

  • Film and Television Production
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Animation and Motion Graphics
  • Graphic Design and Branding
  • Web Design and Development
  • Video Editing and Post-production
  • Visual Effects (VFX) and Special Effects
  • Game Development and Game Design
  • E-Learning and Educational Content Creation
  • Social Media Content Creation


2 Months / 4 Days A Week / 2 Hours A Day

Highlight of The Course:

  • Semester System One-to-One Dealing
  • In Lab on Hand Practice
  • Assignments for Home

Course Description:

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey as our Adobe After Effects Course unveils the secrets of visual effects and motion graphics. Crafted by industry sorcerers with unrivaled expertise, this course welcomes beginners and seasoned sorcerers alike.

Through an enchanting fusion of comprehensive lessons, hands-on projects, and mystical exercises, you will awaken your creative potential and conjure captivating visual effects. Our instructors, masters of their craft, provide personalized guidance and insightful feedback, ensuring you grasp each spellbinding concept and technique.

By the time you finish this course, you will have a firm foundation in Adobe After Effects and the ability to convert your creative concepts into mesmerizing visual masterpieces. Improve your abilities, push the limits of your imagination, and go on a stunning voyage of visual storytelling.  Enroll in our Adobe After Effects Course today and unlock the true magic of your imagination!


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